Top 5 Businesses to Start in the Music Industry

Striking the Right Chord: Top 5 Businesses to Start in the Music Industry


For entrepreneurs with a passion for music, there has never been a better time to venture into the dynamic and ever-evolving music industry. From technology-driven innovations to creative endeavors that enhance the musical experience, opportunities abound. Here are the top five businesses to consider starting in the music industry for those looking to turn their love for music into a successful venture.

  1. Online Music School or Tutoring Platform:

With the increasing demand for music education, starting an online music school or tutoring platform can be a rewarding venture. Offering lessons in various instruments, music theory, and even songwriting, this business taps into the growing desire for individuals to learn and enhance their musical skills from the comfort of their homes. Leveraging technology for virtual lessons allows for a broader reach and the opportunity to connect with students globally.

  1. Music Streaming Consultancy:

As the music streaming landscape continues to evolve, there is a demand for experts who can guide artists, record labels, and independent musicians through the intricacies of the industry. Starting a consultancy focused on music streaming can involve helping artists optimize their presence on platforms, navigate licensing agreements, and develop effective marketing strategies. This business caters to the need for specialized knowledge in an era dominated by digital distribution.

  1. Live Event Production and Management:

Live music experiences remain a cornerstone of the industry, and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this by starting a live event production and management company. This business involves organizing concerts, festivals, and other live events. From securing venues and coordinating logistics to managing artist bookings and ticket sales, there are various aspects to explore. The live event sector provides a platform for artists to connect with their audience in person, creating memorable experiences.

  1. Music Merchandising and E-Commerce:

Fans love to show their support for their favorite artists through merchandise. Starting a music merchandising and e-commerce business allows entrepreneurs to tap into the lucrative market of branded products, including apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Building an online store or collaborating with artists to create exclusive merchandise can be a profitable venture, particularly with the rise of direct-to-consumer sales facilitated by e-commerce platforms.

  1. Music Tech Development:

As technology continues to shape the music industry, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs with a background in technology can explore starting a music tech development company. This can involve creating apps, software, or hardware that enhances the music creation, distribution, or consumption experience. Whether it’s a new music streaming platform, a cutting-edge music production tool, or an app that connects artists with collaborators, the possibilities are vast in the realm of music tech.


The music industry offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs with a passion for creativity and innovation. From education and streaming consultancy to live event production, merchandising, and music tech development, there are diverse avenues to explore. Success in these businesses requires a blend of industry knowledge, technological savvy, and a keen understanding of the evolving preferences of music enthusiasts. By striking the right chord with these entrepreneurial ventures, individuals can not only turn their passion into profit but also contribute to the vibrant and ever-expanding world of music.

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