Virtual Black Wall Street Movement

August 6, 2019

Black Business Owners

Black Wall Street (c) ,focused on providing the best network worldwide for Indegenious people & supporters of Indegenious black businesses to connect in business building wealth and health together as families and communities.

Meet The Team
Azalea Blalock
Azalea Blalock

Azalea Blalock is the founder of Virtual Black Wall Street(c) as Mr. Robin Donaldson stated everything starts on a napkin. Azalea Blalock a holistic aboriginal healer of 20 years, Green Developer of Real Estate, & community activist started in Oakland Ca and now resides in Georgia she is very passionate about the economic empowerment and health of humanity at large and from that passion came Virtual Black Wall Street (c). Her goal by 2019 is to have 1 million VIP Virtual Black Wall Street Members worldwide. Azalea Blalock has received numerous awards from Congress regarding environmental issues and community development.

Yvonne E. Gamble
Yvonne E. Gamble
Chief Financial Officer

Yvonne E. Gamble, Venture Capitalist is the CEO of Virtual Black Wall Street. She is CEO of SanPete Financial Group, venture capital firm specializing in infrastructure development, Founder of Simplified Knowledge Institute, think tank, Executive Director of Women Leading Change Now, political advocacy Board Chair 9TWO5 Motoring Alternative Fuels, electric energy and member Policy Committee for the Planetary Society. She is an accomplished Speaker, Trainier, Instructional Designer, Thought Leader and Author. Gamble brings over 35 years of experience providing emerging technology, strategic planning, training, political advocacy, and policy development to Government and Private Sectors. She works with governments and businesses to identify solutions that improve small to medium size financial participation. Her book Financing Your Next Billion$$$, “Why Do We Communicate”, and “64 BIG Proverbial Reasons Why We Communicate”, are guides that help determine your business and communications’ net effectiveness on world societies.

Dakari Towns
Dakari Towns
Lead Director, South Carolina Chapter

Dakari Towns of D. Real Estate is director of our Virtual Black Wall Street South Carolina Chapter. His specialty is commercial properties and multi-units.


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