Iyanla, Fix My Life S 7 Ep 15 Of Murders and Men Part 1

Iyanla Fix My Life S 7 Ep 15 Of Murders and Men Part 1. Infidelity, male survivors of rape, men convicted of murder—Iyanla Vanzant addresses a multilayered slate of traumas as S 4 of Iyanla: Fix My Life resumes. Fix My Life on The Oprah Winfrey Network. Iyanla has touched the s of many; helping families reconnect with each other and encouraging others to find them.

Iyanla: Fix My Life features Vanzant helping people overcome difficulties in their lives. Each episode focuses on a specific problem posed by the story of one guest (or group of guests), with pre-taped production pieces at the guest’s home and interviews with Iyanla that provide commentary throughout the show. Iyanla attempts to bring a different perspective to the situation and updates are provided to viewers at the close of each episode regarding the guest’s progress since the date of filming.


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