Drink Drink Smoke Smoke

Drink Drink Smoke Smoke
Duration: 3:02Year: 2018
ISRC: QZ-5YR-16-00001
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DJ Handcuffz is having a campaign that is catching on just like mumble rap did but with comedy southern flair. The entertaining, Atlanta rapper, known for his funny southern trap style music, no cussing, and funny cartoon videos has impressive jumped to #1 on Billboard’s Rap Song chart with the debut records Drink Drink Smoke Smoke and Price Going Up from the album Whiteboy Telling Lies earlier this year. His success is thanks, in part, to his very comical cartoon music video Drink Drink Smoke Smoke that went viral after hitting the front page of all the Major Blogs.

Blast Off Radio caught up with DJ Handcuffz to discuss his overnight success, his unique southern style, and why he always on entertainment TV.

Your song Drink Drink Smoke Smoke is a smash! How do you feel?

I feel great, on top of the world, I feel so blessed right now. I know all everyone on the team’s hard work is why we are progressing in the right direction?

You’ve only been rapping for a few years now, Tell me how you got here.

Growing up, I always imagine myself as a rapper. I always noticed how everyone seemed to enjoy my voice and laugh at my jokes in s stupid way.

I love being funny and making people laugh. I’ve always loved rap music and the stories behind them. I like to party, have fun and entertainment people so I knew I would be in the music business somehow living in Atlanta, GA.

Anyway, I quick scope of my career, I study radio broadcasting in Nashville, TN, study graphic design and marketing in Atlanta, and after college, I took a job in recording studios, print shops, and design companies. Six months after my business partner close our startup, I ended up in the Studio311.Then creativity started with Aron’s giving me a beat CD. The beat comes in I said Drink Drink Smoke Smoke but KimG told me to write something so I did and everyone told was funny as fuck. So I spent a year writing and producing my first project Whiteboy Telling Lies Street Mix which is a bagger. We got Stealing All The Money, Price Going up, and many more fans going to love to laugh at.



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